The Perfect Strapless Bra

 Fantasie FL4530 strapless bra

I never thought there was such a thing as the perfect strapless bra until a few of years ago.  Being well endowed, I had come to the conclusion that anything strapless was just not going to be part of my wardrobe.  It was when my sister got married and chose strapless dresses for her bridesmaids that I was determined one last time to find that bra.  Being the maid of honor, I refused to look droopy and have an ill fitting dress in the photos.  That was when I discovered Intimacy, a bra shop where the sales associates really know their merchandise and find bras that truly fit to your body.  With my own personal stylist fitting me, she found me a strapless bra that not only held those knockers up, but was actually comfortable!!  I’d like to note that Intimacy is now the only place I shop for my bras.  Now some of you might be thinking, well your boobs aren’t that big.  It is time to let you in on a secret: I used to be a 32FF.  Yes, I’ve had a breast reduction.  And yes, I went and bought this bra again in my new size.   I swear by this bra and recommend it whether you are a B cup or a FF.  So ladies, your search is over.

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