Line I Love: Anine Bing

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It was just this past summer, while browsing for dresses on, that I came across the absolute perfect white dress (seen here and here) and that is when I discovered the line Anine Bing.  After viewing her collection I immediately fell in love.  Known for her bohemian-rocker style, Anine Bing's clothing not only gives off a cool girl vibe, but it is also very easy to wear.  She is especially known for her leather jackets and studded booties.

The Danish born, Bing, named her line after herself when launching it in 2012 and it was an instant hit among the fashion forwards, bloggers and celebrities.  However, her talents not only lay in fashion, as Anine was a model and the lead singer of a band called Kill Your Darlings.  She now resides in LA designing clothes that she, herself, would want in her wardrobe and I, myself, can not get enough of.

Boots with gold studs

P.S. She just launched sunglasses!
"New York" Sunglasses

Check out her line at and follow her blog, Anine's World, for inspiration here.

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