Thanksgiving Savior: The Button Extender

It was last year, while complaining to a friend about how a new pair of jeans I had bought fit perfectly in the legs but was a tad tight in the waist making them uncomfortable, that she introduced me to the Button Extender.  This simple piece of plastic, that comes in a pack of five, for less than five dollars is the best invention and works by adding an extra inch to the waist of your pants.  You simply loop the open end of the extender around the button on your pants and insert the button end into the button hole in your pants and in seconds you've added an inch to your waistband.  It is the perfect solution for those days you are feeling bloated and still want to wear your skinny jeans or for holidays, such as Thanksgiving, when you want to be able to stuff your face and aren't able to wear sweat pants.

You can get the button extender at