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I can't believe the twins are 11 weeks old today!  In just two weeks they'll be three months old, and I already feel like they are turning into little men.  They are now smiling and cooing all the time, and I can't wait to see what the next month brings.  Being a new mom, I am still learning and discovering which products work best for the boys and myself, and although every baby is different, I thought I'd share the baby products that we love and can't live without.

1. The Miracle Blanket:  This blanket was recommended by my doctor, and lives up to its name.  I started using this blanket when the boys were about seven weeks old (they were too small for it beforehand), and since then Tyler has been sleeping through the night and Mason sleeps for five to six hours straight with it.  It swaddles them nice and tight so they aren't able to jerk themselves awake, plus they fall asleep a lot faster. It truly is a miracle blanket!

2. The Honest Company: I'm in love with the Honest Company products.  Everything is organic and plant based so I know I'm not exposing any harmful chemicals to my babies sensitive skins.  The three products I use the most from the Honest Company are the diapers (love, love, love the patterns, especially the skulls), the shampoo & body wash, and the multi-surface cleaner.  I use this cleaner on everything from the kitchen counter, to their changing table, and their car seats.

3. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets: I use these swaddle blankets for everything.  I swaddle the boys with them during their naps, and use them for burp clothes and car seat/stroller covers.  Not only are they made from muslin cotton, but they come with the cutest patterns!

4. Graco Gliding Swing: My husband and I had no idea what swing to get when searching for one.  To be honest, we actually chose this swing because we liked its size.  With having to buy two of everything, we wanted them to fit in our living room without taking over the space.  Plus with having to purchase two, we also liked the price.  When I read the reviews on this swing they were 50/50 with people either loving it or hating it.  The most common complaint was the sound/music machine was too loud on its lowest setting.  This is true, but it is my only complaint about the swing.  The boys have loved it from day one, and its where they take most of their naps.  I know every baby is different, and you never know when buying swings if they'll like them or not.  I know of people who spent a lot of money on a swing and their baby never used it.  But because both my boys love this swing, I recommend it.  As for the music player, I don't use it.  I actually don't use any of the music players our equipment comes with.  They tend to sound squeaky and the music is limited.  Instead, I turn on the cable to the classical music channel, which they seem to love.

5. Gerber White Onesies: If you follow me on Instagram (@thomasrachael), you might notice that in most of the photos I post of the twins they are dressed in a white onesie.  The first reason being that I didn't buy a lot of  size newborn clothing since babies grow out of it so fast.  Well, at 11 weeks old, the boys are just now fitting into their size 0-3 and 3 months clothes, so I really didn't have a lot to dress them in besides the white onesies.  The second being that they are so easy.  With all the spit up and accidents that may happen during the day, a white onesie is very easy to change.

6. Danzo Weekender Diaper Bag:  This diaper bag has been amazing!  With twins, you need to pack double of everything (diapers, bottles, formula, onsies, etc) when leaving the house.  This bag is large enough to hold everything, and it comes with a lot of pockets inside to keep me nice and organized.  The best part is that it also comes with labels to put on all the pockets so you know where everything is located!

7. INSANITY Workout: When I got the OK from my doctor to start exercising, I began to take the boys on power walks around the neighborhood.  As much as I love going on walks with them, it was a process.  Not only did it take us a while just to get out the door (I had to make sure they were well fed so they wouldn't get fussy during the walk), but I had to be walking for at least an hour to feel like I got a really good workout (which you do pushing a double stroller in a hilly neighborhood).  When I remembered that I had the Insanity workout (I had bought it before my wedding and never used it), it changed everything.  Not only are these videos great for cardio, but they also tone at the same time.  Each workout is just 40 minutes, and I feel like I get an amazing work out in that time.  I've been using Insanity for just about a month now, and already look and feel more toned!  The best part is that I don't have to leave the house.  When the boys are napping, I just throw my hair in a pony, and do my work out.  I feel great after working out, which I believe makes me a better mom, and keeps me sane at times when I have two infants crying in my ears!

Mason and Tyler at 2 months

Please share if you have a baby product you love, as I'm still learning and always looking to try new things!

XO Rachael