4 Months

I can't believe my babies are four months old now!  Gosh, time is flying.  Although part of me wants time to slow down because I think they are growing too fast, the other part of me can't wait to see what the next month brings as they are becoming more fun and developing personalities.  At four months they are smiling all of the time, and are now starting to interact with each other, which melts my heart.  Both boys love playing on their play mat, and Mason just started rolling over.  It's amazing how much they change as each week goes by.  I want to share some of our favorite baby products now that the twins are four months old.  In case you missed my favorite newborn/ infant products, you can find them here.  We are still using and loving all of the products from the newborn post, and below are products we added from month three to four. 

Baby Products 4 Months

1. Pottery Barn Stroller Blanket: Now that it is getting cold out, we are loving these Pottery Barn Stroller Blankets.  They are perfect for throwing over the boys car seats when headed out of the house for keeping them warm.

2. Rainmaker Shaker: Not a lot of the toys we own grab the boys attention for very long, as they are still a little young, but they love this Rainmaker toy.  Between the colors and the "rain" noise, they get entranced looking at it.

3. Little Blue Truck: I try to read to the boys daily, but after a couple of pages, their attention is no longer on the book.  However, when I read Little Blue Truck they smile from beginning to end, making it our favorite book right now.

4. Baby Einstein Activity Gym: The boys are loving their play mat.  After we do tummy time, they lay on their backs and are entertained anywhere from 10 minutes to a half an hour kicking and swinging their arms.

5. Bumbo: Now that the boys are able to hold their heads up pretty well, they always want to be sitting upright.  I often place them in their Bumbo seats so they can sit next to me while reading, working on my blog, or folding laundry.  They love sitting in their Bumbo, which is especially helpful to me, as I can't be holding two babies all the time!

6. Dr Brown's Bottles: We've been using Dr. Browns bottles for a while and love them.  They are now using the 8oz bottles, ahh, they're getting so big!

Mason and Tyler supporting Movember

Again, I'd love to hear what your favorite baby products are, especially for ages four to six months.  

XO Rachael