Twin Boys 10 Months

Jeans: Baby Gap// Tops: Petit Bateau

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  I just wanted to share some photos I took of Mason and Tyler on their ten month birthday, which was this past Sunday.  I have to say, taking photos of babies is not easy!  Forget about trying to get them to smile at the same time, it's hard enough to get them to sit still.  I don't know how baby photographers do it.   I'll definitely be getting professional ones for their one year birthday, which I can't believe I already have to start planning.  It's approaching so fast. time needs to slow down!  Mason and Tyler are becoming such little me, it is so cute.  They are eating a lot of solids (even though Mason still doesn't have any teeth), and crawling all over the place.  I'm pretty sure Mason will be walking soon.  I bought them a play pen (which you've seen on Snapchat if you follow me Rach480) and it has been a lifesaver, or else I'd never be able to sit down.  Thank goodness they love playing in it!  I hope everyone has a great day, and hopefully a margarita later!

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