J Brand Photo Ready Jeans

When I first heard about J Brand's Photo Ready jeans I was a bit skeptical.  They claim to be jeans that are "ultra slimming" and gives you that "perfect photo finish effect".  I thought, yeah right, just another selling gimmick.  Don't get me wrong, I love J Brand jeans as they are my favorite denim line, I just didn't believe they could come out with a jean that is more flattering then they already have.  When these jeans hit the stores I immediately put them on my clients to test them out and was instantly impressed.  Each person when stepping out of the fitting room wearing them looked a size slimmer.  Not only did their thighs appear smaller but their seats were lifted and perfectly shaped.  These jeans really do live up to their name and whether you are a size 24 or 30 they are ultra slimming.  I don't know if its the material or the amount of stretch in this technology that J Brand used,  but whatever it is J Brand did, they did it right!

Available at Jbrandjeans.com and National Jean Company 617-969-2888