Line I Love: Jennifer Zeuner

Lately I can't get enough of Jennifer Zeuner jewelry.  Her dainty designs are right up my ally and I love the  sophisticated feel of her pieces when wearing them singly or the more dramatic effect they have when layered.  Jennifer Zeuner is best known for her signature pendants and spiritual  symbols such as the evil eye.   Jennifer, a Florida based designer, started her company about nine years ago after taking a hiatus form her PR career to raise her children.  She started designing and making jewelry from her home, and only three weeks after Jennifer had made her first design, Cameron Diaz purchased a few of her pieces from a trendy South Beach store.  Now Jennifer Zeuner is worn by many celebrities from Rachel Bilson to SJP to Rihanna and sold in major stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman.  Some of these pieces will be going on my holiday wish list this year!

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  1. Looks really beautiful.♥