Twin Boys: Nine Months

On Mason: Gap top and jeans//  On Tyler: Gap top, OshKosh B'gosh jeans

Mason and Tyler turned nine months old yesterday, and they are getting to be so much fun!  They have so much personality now, and are always laughing.  The greatest thing, which I've really noticed in the past couple of weeks, is their interaction with each other.  They are constantly mumbling and laughing at each other, and are truly becoming best friends.  I wake up in the morning to their laughter, and it melts my heart.  On a side note, please excuse the wet marks all over Tyler's shirt.  It was a dumb move to give him a bottle right before taking these photos!  I can't believe how messy two small boys can be!  Here is a quick update on each boy the past two months.

Mason is crawling!  I honestly thought he was going to be crawling at six months, but it wasn't until he was eight months that he started.  He can also pull himself up, and balance on his own two feet for about four or five long seconds.  I think we may have a walker soon.... He is still in his helmet, as he hasn't had much head growth over the past couple of months.  Although his head looks much rounder, we are just waiting for that big growth spurt to really shape his head, so he can be done with the helmet.

Tyler still isn't crawling, and is very content just laying on the floor with his toys.  However, he has gotten teeth and has become quiet the eater.

Both boys love their Mum Mums and Puffs, and although I haven't really given them solids besides their baby food, I'm going to try some bananas and avocado this weekend.

We still love their Exersaucer, as they are content playing and bouncing in them for 40 minutes at at time, and it gives me time to work on the blog.  They also love Highlghts magazine.  Their Nana got them a subscription recently, and the boys love each month when they arrive in the mail.  Not only are they great for learning, but they boys love holding the magazine and flipping through the pages.  They are so easy to throw in the diaper bag when were are out and about, and entertain the boys when they start to get fussy.

These boys make me laugh everyday, and although I think they are growing too fast, I can't wait to see what the next few months bring.  For more daily updates, you can follow us on Snapchat! username: Rach480

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