Cross Front Tee

embroidered skirt for fall

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TGIF.  This week has been unsettling, to say the least.  In addition to being in disbelief, and having a heavy heart, for what happened in Las Vegas, my town has dealing with bomb threats to all of our public schools.  Everyday for the past week, and a handful of times in the past month, our schools have received bomb threats.  Although each threat has been false, and they suspect the same person, it's still scary.  Fortunately, the twins aren't in the public school system, however, Mason does receive speech services though the town, and is in one of the elementary schools every Monday morning.  I can only image how the parents feel who's kids are there five days a week.  What bothers me the most, is that officials haven't been able to catch this person.  If someone is sick enough to call bomb threats to a place where young children occupy daily, what else are they capable of? 

Sorry, I don't mean to be such a downer on this Friday morning, but it's been an emotional time, which is why I haven't posted all week.  On a more upbeat note, did you notice a little difference when you visited the blog today?  I updated my template!  I'm still working on a couple of updates, one which includes my logo, but so far, I think it's a great change, plus it's been keeping my mind on better things.  Let me know what you think.

Now to my look!  I've worn this tee three times this week.  No Joke.  I love the burgundy color for the fall, and the criss cross front makes it a fun update to a basic tee.  The best part is that it's only $10 and comes in five colors.  Not only is it great with a pair of jeans and booties on it's own, but it pairs perfectly layered under a cardigan or leather jacket for those cooler days.  Speaking of cardigan, this Leith sweater is back in stock!  This has been my favorite purchase of the season, and I think everyone needs to own this cardigan!  Remember during the Nordstrom sale how I wanted it in the blush, but couldn't get my hands on it?  Well, the blush is available too, although it is on back order.  My only dilemma is that I've recently added three blush sweaters to my closet, so do I really need another??  Although the colors of my embroidered skirt and tee scream fall, the sweater adds the perfect amount of warmth to take this look into the cooler season.  And when winter rolls in, you can bet that I'll still be wearing this outfit.  I'll just add tights and a pair of over-the-knee boots for extra warmth.

Cross front tee

Burgundy tee

How to dress up a tee

embroidered skirt and cross front tee

affordable embroidered skirt

leith open cardigan

open cardigan

Tee: c/o SheIn| Skirt c/o SheIn| Cardigan: Leith| Booties: old, loving this pair here| Sunnies: BP. (identical pair here)| Bag: Chloé| Bracelets: Vita Fede (here and here)| Lips: LipSense in Napa

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  1. okay so I love this look first of all. That skirt is so fabulous with the embroidery. And that tee shirt is a definite closet staple. My heart is so heavy too and it's hard to sometimes be all positive and cheery when the world seems so bleak. There is good out there and the positive outcome is that you can see so many people coming together. Happy Friday!

  2. First - I love your otufit!

    Secondly, the world has definitely been crazy this week, it's so sad the things people do to each other. It's especially difficult when you have kids. I'm dreading the day I have to explain something like this to my own kids. Luckily they are small enough not to notice, and I can keep myself cheerful by delving into the frivolous byt fun word of style blogging :)

    Thank you for the link up!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. It is hard to believe this really happened in the real life. Keep praying for Las Vegas. Love your outfit! This tee is so cute and the color is great for fall. Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Joling

  4. Love this outfit, the skirt is all kinds of wonderful! And i think i have the same tee! I need to dig it out and wear it as yours looks amazing. Love jacqui as your highlight today too, she is so beautiful!XX

  5. Sorry completely forgot to say firstly LOVE the new template, its perfect! im going through stages of trying to update mine and it makes such a difference doesn't it. And secondly im so sorry to hear about your emotional week. The world is a crazy place right now and sadly we all have to just go with it and hope for the best as there's literally nothing else we can all do. I hope you somehow remain positive and strong even through these tough times xx

  6. What a pretty outfit, I really like how you've styled the top with the skirt!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  7. Ahh these photos are gorgeous. You did such an amazing job!

    Best Hair Replacement Surgeon in India

  8. I would be a mess if our school system was getting bomb threats. I don't know what I would do, like how could I send my son to school with those threats?! I feel for you and your town, that's just awful! But on a positive, I love your outfit and the gorgeous fall colors! I've been on a spree of cardigan buying lately, lol! I need this one too!
    pumps and push-ups

  9. This is so you! Stunning g outfit, very nice and the shoes are amazing!

  10. It is an emotional and difficult time. I am sorry to hear about the bomb threats. On a lighter note, I love your look!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  11. My heart is so heavy too...what is wrong with this world right now? It's so sad and the new blog look too. Sending love and light your way! XO


  12. It has definitely been a bummer week. I am wondering if you live in the same town as a few friends of mine because they have been experiencing bomb threat for a few weeks. Truly awful! On a lighter note, beautiful look! This skirt is so beautiful, you have legs for days!

    xx, Elise

  13. It has been a heavy week and I'm glad you are bringing it up because I feel like I've been in my own bubble and I don't want to become desensitized to such terrible events. That seems like an even harder week to have those threats-this world feels so scary! But I must say your site looks great! Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend!
    xo Adri

  14. That is terrible about the bomb threats. Just terrible. I really do think for someone to do that, who knows what else they are capable of... I hope they find out who it is quickly and soon. This week has been a bummer. My husband was in Vegas just a few weeks ago at the same hotel for a conference. Too close for comfort! I love those booties you have on and that burgundy top! I have some embroidered tops, but love the idea of an embroidered skirt.


  15. Oh very cute style
    beautiful top

  16. Such an emotionally draining week for sure. I am so sad to be raising my girls in a time when bomb threats to a school exist. We often think we are so much better then other places, but are we? Truly devastating.

    You look stunning as always. I am in love with that skirt and I can see why you would wear that shirt over and over and over again. Have a good weekend.

  17. I am loving this whole look on you dear!

    I am hoping things go better this week at school because that is terrifying!

  18. It sounds like you've been having such a hard time, as we all have with the horrible events that have gone on in our country recently. I'm so sorry and sending you hugs! As far as the outfit goes, I'm absolutely in love with the entire look! The skirt is so much fun and your top works perfectly with it!

  19. The print on that skirt is gorgeous!

  20. You look stunning! I'm sorry you've been dealing with local scares, too. It's a crazy world we live in. :( Hope you have a great day!


  21. Love your tee babe! This outfit is so cute

    -xo, Azanique |

  22. Lovely tee girl, also love the print on your skirt dear. Also, I'm also into peep toe booties!

    Jessica |

  23. Great look with a top skirt! The opens toes are also very well chosen ;)

  24. What a great look! Love that skirt! Such a great print!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  25. You look absolutely incredible in this outfit! I love the way your embroidered skirt looks with the cross-front tee. I'm so sorry to hear about what has been happening in your town! In times like this it is so important to stay positive.
    Thank you for linking up this week!

    ~xo Sheree

  26. That tee is super cute! I love the embroidered skirt too! So sorry to hear about all the bomb threats. That is so scary! I hope they catch whoever is doing it!

  27. Sorry to hear you've been having a tough time, I'd be worried sick if someone was sending bomb threats to my daughter's school. On a lighter note, I love your outfit, the cross front top and embroidered skirt look great teamed with the cardigan and booties.

    Emma xxx