Twin Boys 6 Months

Mason and Tyler both in Baby Gap// Dress: Parker (old)

Gosh, you don't realize how fast time goes by until your babies turn six months old!  Didn't I just give birth yesterday?!  Actually, this post is a few weeks late, and it should actually be called Seven Months, as that's how old they'll be in five days!  I haven't done a baby post since month four, so I'll update the products we've been loving for the past two months.  

Boston Band Helmets:  If you follow me on Instagram, @thomasrachael, you've probably noticed the helmets on Mason and Tyler's heads.  Being great sleepers early on, and constantly on their backs had caused their heads to flatten, Plagiocephaly, and to fix it they were prescribed with the Boston Band helmet.  They have to wear these helmets 23 hours a day to reshape and round their heads.  They got their helmets right after they turned four months, and I'm happy to say Tyler doesn't need his anymore.  Mason still has a little more reshaping to do, but I have to be honest that I don't mind since the helmets come in handy now with all the rolling around and falling over that they do.  I know their heads are protected :)

Gerber Oatmeal Cereal:  I didn't start the boys on solids until the week they turned six months.  I didn't really think they were ready for it before then.  They are now getting the hang of eating solids and love it!  They both really like the oatmeal cereal, and love apples and green beans.  I can't get over how messy they can be when eating, so I've been loving these Aden + Anais bibs.  I love their large size which prevents me from having to do more clothing changes.

Baby Gap Slim Jeans: I have to admit, I wasn't a big fan off dressing the boys in cute clothes until they turned five months.  As tiny babies, white onsies were the easiest to put on them, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on clothes that they would just grow out of in a week.  Now that they are six months, I love to dress them, and my favorite are these Baby Gap skinny jeans.  Whether paired with a little henley or a great sweater, they always look SO cute.  I also do a lot of their shopping at Old Navy and H&M.

ExerSaucer:  Now that the boys are on the move, this ExerSaucer has been amazing.  I can put them in it, and they'll be entertained for thirty to forty minutes!  Between jumping and playing with all the toys, it gives Mommy time to work on her blog!

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe:  Although they boys aren't showing any teeth yet, you can definitely tell the teething process has started.  Between the drooling and the constant need to chomp, Sophie has been the perfect toy for them to suck on.  I always make sure to throw two of them in my diaper bag when headed out because Sophie also entertains them when we're running errands.  If you have any suggestions for other great teething items, please let me know!

These are thing things we're loving now, and I'm sure more will be added to the list in the next couple of weeks.  The other thing I'm loving is when they boys each hit new milestones.  It's so funny to me how they are developing skills at different rates and have different strengths.  Mason is stronger physically, and not only can he fully sit up by himself, I swear he'll be crawling in the next few weeks, if not days.  Tyler's getting there but can't quiet sit up on his own.  Tyler is more vocal though.  While Mason just likes to grunt, Tyler's babble sounds like words and he's said Da-da a few times!  Overall, each day brings something new and I can't wait to see what month seven brings!

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