The Key to Fuller Lips

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How To Naturally Get Fuller Lips 

We all want lips that are full and plump.  To achieve this, we over line our lips, try products with plumping ingredients, and even get injections (myself included).  However, The key to fuller lips begins with lip health.  Did you know that healthy, moisturized lips are naturally more plump?  Below are three simple steps to improve the health of your lips.  Make sure you're doing these things regularly, and you will notice a difference in your lips.  So when you do go to over line, your lips will be even fuller!

Step 1. Exfoliate

We all know that we should be exfoliating our faces regularly, but are you including your lips? Dead skin cells can build up on your lips, making them dull and dry.  By exfoliating your lips two times a week, you're removing those dead skin cells, and allowing for new, plumper skin cells to rise to the surface.  It also allows for moisture to seep deeper into your lips, proving plump, healthy looking lips.  My personal favorite is LipSmooth from SeneGence.  This conditioning polish is formulated with natural exfoliators and SenePlex+ to accelerate the exfoliation process and reveal smooth, moisturized lips.

Step 2: Moisturize

Our lips need moisture just as the rest of our skin does.  However, be aware of the products you put on your lips! If your lip balm contains wax, that's a big NO NO!  Wax builds a barrier on the lips which blocks any moisture from seeping into the skin and hydrating the lips on a cellular level. (Think of waxing a car.  The wax will repel moisture from seeping into the paint and damaging it.  Unlike the car, we want moisture to seep deep into the skin on our lips). All of SeneGence lip products are wax free!  I highly suggest the Moisturizing Lip Balm and the Overnight Lip Mask.
Lip Balm by SeneGence

Overnight Lip Mask by SeneGence

Step 3: Drink Plenty of Water

Do you ever notice that when you're sick and dehydrated you often have chapped lips?  The amount of water you consume can effect your skin.  If you're drinking half of your body weight in water each day, there is a greater chance your lips will be healthier!

I hope these tips help.  Incorporate these three things into your skincare routine for two weeks and let me know if you see a difference!

XO Rachael